After connecting your Instagram accounts you need to configurate your salespage.

Just choose the account you want to configurate in the menu under accounts.

You can decide if you want to sell shoutouts only in the feed, the story or in both places. Just use the swipe button to activate them. When the button appears green it's activated and should look like this:

Now you need to set three different things: 

  1. Duration: That means the period of time that a shoutout will be displayed on your Instagram account. If you choose 3 and 12 hours, your customers can choose between a shoutout that runs for 3 or 12 hours on your Instagram account. Just click on "+ New Duration" to add more.
  2. Price: Set up the price that you want to charge for every different duration. It makes sense to charge more for longer durations. For example, you could decide to sell 3 hours feed shoutout for 50 USD and 12 hours feed shoutout for 90 USD. Every duration needs a price.
  3. Upload time: These are the times that you offer your customers to share their shoutouts. If you want to upload shoutouts in the evening because it's easier for you to manage that you could just choose times that are in the evening. Customers have to choose one of these times then. 

It's important to click "Save" after setting up everything.

Settings are the same for story shoutouts. 

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