Following fees appear on every transaction:

  • adstock Fee
  • Payment Method Fee
  • Service Fee (only for advertiser)

You'll see the exact amount for each fee before you accept or decline a request. So there's 100% transparence. 

adstock Fee: The adstock fee depends on your pricing plan. It's 10% in the FREE plan, 3,9% in the PLUS plan and 1,9% in the PREMIUM plan. The amount gets deducted of the transaction gross volume. We're using the adstock fee to develop adstock so that it's getting for you. 

Payment Method Fee: The payment method fee depends on the payment method used by the customer. You can see the specific payment method fees in your adstock backoffice and you can also decide which one you want to offer your customers. Fees for the payment method are passed on 1:1 to the payment provider.

Service Fee: The service fee (0.49 USD ) is a fee that we charge only from your customers on top of your price. So you don't recognize it at all. It's just used to cover fixed costs of every transaction.

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