You can reach the wallet on adstock via the main menu. It shows you all the payments you have received, their status and how much funds you have available for cashout. 

You can see three different amounts of money in the upper half of the wallet. TOTAL, CASH OUT and PENDING. TOTAL is the sum of CASH OUT and PENDING. Once you have accepted and posted a request, the amount you are claiming can be seen under the cashout button. The small dot to the left side of the order-ID shows you the status of the order. The dot is grey if the order is still in PENDING status. 

Each order is automatically authorised after 14 days of PENDING and is then ready for CASH OUT. The dot to the left of the order should now be green. 

Adstock must hold back payments for 14 days to be able to react to any problems with the order afterwards. This could be PayPal disputes, credit card refunds etc... but don't worry, adstock takes care of everything!

As soon as the amount at CASH OUT is more than 50 USD you can proceed a cashout. Just click the green cash out button and enter your recipient information. The payout costs nothing for you and works via bank transfer*. adstock usually processes payouts in your countries currency. However, there are exceptions. Please contact our support to get more details. 

*PayPal is planned as cashout option in 2020.

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